Norton 360 For Gamers

Unique protection designed by gamers that includes.

  • Real-time Threat Protection
  • Smart Firewall
  • Password Manager
  • Secure VPN for 3 devices
  • PC Notification Optimization
  • Security for 3 devices
  • PC SafeCam3
  • 50GB PC Cloud Backup3
  • Parental Control‡, **


Powerful protection. Designed for PC gamers, by PC gamers.

Whether you’re a casual or a hard-core gamer, Norton 360 for Gamers provides multiple layers of protection for your devices, game accounts, and digital assets.

Game Optimizer

Want to boost your PC’s gaming performance to the maximum? Go faster with Norton Game Optimizer!14

Norton GO is the power-boost you need!

  • Automatically detect games and feed them the maximum power.15
  • Helps eliminate FPS lags and slowdowns from your other apps for smooth visuals.
  • Free your PC from power-hungry programs running in the background that eat up your system’s resources. Get
  • more performance out of your rig!
  • Optimizes gaming-related programs.

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